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Go from the beginning

Welcome to Go from the beginning, a free book containing 25+ lessons that will take you from “zero to hero” in the amazing language Go.

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Table of content

Chapter Title Section What you will learn Lesson
01 Hello world Basics Why use Go and how to write your first program Lesson
02 Using variables Basics How to declare variables with different data types and how to initialize and assign values Lesson
03 Boolean logic with If and Else Basics How to work with boolean variables and create different execution paths with If, Else and Else If Lesson
04 Converting between strings and numbers Basics How to use the strconv library to convert between primitives and strings. Lesson
05 Loop statements Basics How to repeat statements and iterating over list structures and ways to control the loops Lesson
06 User input Basics How to read user input from the console Lesson
07 Functions Basics Reuse your code by creating functions. Learn how to deal with parameters and how to deal with returns and return types Lesson
08 Error handling Basics How manage errors in your code. This will teach both how to produce errors as well as deal with them Lesson
09 Arrays Composite data types Here we will learn about arrays, how to construct them, access items and iterate over them Lesson
10 Structs Composite data types Structs enables us to collect many fields in one grouping, learn how to create and modify structs Lesson
11 Maps Composite data types Maps make it easy to lookup items if you know the key. Maps have the notion of keys and values. Lesson
12 Interfaces Composite data types Learn how you can model your data as interfaces and how to implement them Lesson
13 Create your first project Projects Learn how to create your first project Lesson
14 Consume external packages Projects Learn how to use external packages Lesson
15 Create shared module Projects Create a module you can share with others Lesson
16 Testing Testing Learn to test your code Lesson
17 JSON Web Dev Learn to work with the JSON format Lesson
18 Build a Web App Web Dev Learn how to build a web app capable of serving many different formats Lesson
19 Logs Miscellaneous Use logging for better management of all kinds of messages in your app Lesson
20 Strings Miscellaneous Work with the string library Lesson
21 Regex Miscellaneous Work with regular epressions Lesson
22 Goroutines Miscellaneous Work with goroutines and channels Lesson
23 Database with Sqlite Miscellaneous Work with databases Lesson
24 Read and write to files IO Learn to read from and write to files Lesson
25 Files and directories IO Learn to perform operations on files and directories Lesson

How to use this content

Every chapter consist of a lesson and an exercise. You are encouraged to run the code in the exercise, modify it and understand how it works.


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